Sunday, April 23, 2006

Shop-Vac vs. diaper

A while ago Shop-Vac invited people to send in their most creative uses for said vacuum, offering prizes and posting the best ideas on their website. I contributed this, kind of imagining myself as some farty old retiree:

My wife and I like to take a road trip every spring in our RV. Usually it's just the two of us, but last year our daughter decided to join us with our 8 month old grandson. All was well, until about halfway through Montana, when the poor kid came down with -- well, let's just say he had some intestinal distress. Now under most circumstances it wouldn't be too hard to deal with in a large, well equipped RV like ours, except for the fact that our daughter is very environmentally conscious and likes to use cloth diapers. Well, you can imagine that after a few hours of rather soft stools, the diaper situation was getting a bit hard to bear. My resourceful wife hit on a great idea: why not use a Shop-Vac to remove the bulk of the matter from the diaper -- from there on it would just be a fairly easy rinse. At the next Wal-Mart, we picked one up, and needless to say, it worked beautifully. In fact, the diapers were so much easier to clean that my daughter was hooked, and I went down to the Home Depot and bought her one when we took her home to St. Louis. She swears up and down that this is the ONLY way to deal with cloth diapers, and once her friends saw it a lot of them made the switch too.
Never heard anything back, which is weird. I would think that feces-handling ability would be a big selling point in a vacuum cleaner.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

What the older woman ahead of me in line today at Conway was buying:

According to the register, she also bought something called "THONG W/ MESSAGE" but I wasn't quick enough with the cameraphone to catch it.