Tuesday, January 24, 2006


hypothetical conversation:

"Hey, what are you eating?"

"Oh, just this salad thing I got at the health food place"

"Yeah, but what's it called?"

"Uhh. It's some kind of, umm, nut thing. I can't remember the name."

"It looks like nutmeat."


"It's called 'nutmeat'. Nut. Meat."

(long pause)

"Don't tell anybody, okay?"

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Mr. Hansen said...

I like the "don't tell anybody, okay?" It reminds of one time when I took Celine on a walk in Laurelhurst Park. She was 3 or 4. She picke up a paintball that some early adopter had not fully deployed. It burst as he picked it up. She said, "Don't tell my Pop, okay!" I totally just broke that promise.