Thursday, March 09, 2006

Stay Free!

The Pranks issue of Stay Free! is out. One of the people on the cover is me.

I should point out that this was not an actual prank, but rather a photo shoot which was cleverly staged to simulate the appearance of a prank having just taken place. The effects technicians rented one of those expensive Hollywood pneumatic pie launching devices for the shot (no CGI here!) It uses a charge of highly compressed CO2 gas to propel the pie shell into the face at about 100 feet per second. Unfortunately, David's protective face mask slipped a little and he got a nasty little laceration across his forehead (ouch!) He was a trooper about it, though, and insisted we finish shooting before we put him into a cab down to St. Vincent's to get it closed up. Everyone on the set felt the authenticity was worth the bit of trouble. We think you'll agree.

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