Friday, May 12, 2006

"It's fun to have an orgasm"

One of the best subway rants I've ever seen.

Sound/video quality are quite poor -- had to shoot this with my cameraphone. After you watch, click in the comments for some transcribed highlights. It's funnier if you hear him first, though.

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Damian said...

" have a orgasm, man, that shit is bad."

"I bet you some of those nuns have a orgasm."

"You can't do it when you're dead -- you might as well do it while you're living."

"I'll talk to a police officer, I'll say 'Officer, is it fun to have an orgasm?' What's he gonna say? 'Yeah!'"

"You ask a dog -- if, your dog and cat, or gorilla -- all those doggone animals in the zoo... If you could talk to 'em, they say "is it fun to have an orgasm? Well you won't let me out of here, but we know it's 'yeah'."

"It's fun to have an orgasm. That's why you got to keep a chick on the side, or you go to keep a man on the side. [unintelligible] I'm kind of lonely here. I'm hot in my ass."

** at this point, 2:45 into the video, another guy enters. He's a preacher who's been listening to the orgasm guy talking for a while. He starts going on about how corrupt people are, then he and the orgasm guy negotiate to see who's going to get to address the subway car. **